Secure your child's future
Active planning ensures your loved one’s financial security.

AHRC Foundation has established a Community Trust program that allows individuals to provide financial resources for a loved one who has a developmental disability, without affecting that person’s eligibility for government benefits. A parent, relative or any other person may establish an account within the Trust and designate a disabled loved one as beneficiary. Income and principal in that account are available to the beneficiary for expenditures not covered by government benefits. This Trust is referred to as Nassau County AHRC Foundation Community Trust I.

In addition, a Trust program has also been developed for disabled individuals who already have money in their name through income, an inheritance, lawsuit award or settlement. This Trust, referred to as Nassau County AHRC Foundation Community Trust II, protects these assets while enabling the individual to maintain their government entitlements. In addition, these funds can be used during the individual’s lifetime to enhance their life and upon their death the funds will remain in the Trust for the benefit of other trust beneficiaries avoiding a payback of government funds used.

Participation in these Trusts is not limited to the AHRC family. The Trustees welcome inquiries from the greater community and other service providers.

To discuss AHRC Foundation’s supplemental needs trust program, please call Mary McNamara, Foundation Director at 516-626-1000 at extension 1133.