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From left to right: Kathy Staudter, Douglas Walcott, and Sunjeev Philip

Kathy Staudter: My name is Kathy Staudter. I love my parents. I’m a volunteer of East Meadow Day Hab. I like to do puzzles and make up. I did this with my friends Douglas and Sunjeev. We painted nature scenes for the Rose Ball. Thank you!

Douglas Walcott: My name is Douglas. I live at home with my sister. I like fixing things, cleaning, gardening and painting. I volunteer at the East Meadow Art Gallery. I did a rose painting with Kathy and Sunjeev for the Rose Ball. It was nice working together.

Sunjeev Philip: My name is Sunjeev Philip. I live with my parents.  I’m a volunteer at the East Meadow Day Hab. I love to color, paint and exercise. I would like to own a food store. With my friends Douglas and Kathy, we worked on a picture for the Rose Ball. I’m happy our painting of multiple roses was elected. We used pink, green, and white paint. Thank you!

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